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About KBB

After some time, Kristin found the industry itself far too creatively restrictive. Her side hustle (window display), on the other hand, felt extremely liberating and was much more fun!  It was an easy decision to continue on the most creatively fulfilling path. Before long, Kristin began landing fun and challenging display gigs from

the likes of Bloomingdale's, Giorgio Armani, Henri Bendel and Sony. She was happy she had pivoted in the right direction.

Bloomingdale's eventually grabbed Kristin's attention and persuaded her to work for them exclusively by offering her the chance to work in cosmetics, which she loves. (If you know her, you're well aware.) She was able to perfect her skills in production and prop-making while working with the in-store team. Being detail oriented, Kristin really excelled in bringing the tiny cosmetic vitrene displays of Bloomingdale's to life. Today this is much of what she and her team are called on to do.


In 1997, with an arsenal of experience in interiors- including events and display, Kristin Barrett Brown Design was born. Known for her love of all things fashion and modern, Kristin's design solutions have become her signature. She and her team have been sought out by designers, PR companies, non-profits, and retailers. They've all benefited from her modern, sophisticated style, unique view and healthy sense of humor.

What happens when a very young girl from Upstate New York is plucked away and moved to the South Florida 'burbs, away from everything she knows? She moves back to NYC ASAP, of course!

As a kid, Kristin spent hours draping herself in exotic fabrics and pondering how to clothe a woman's body in unusual things such as Astro Turf. Determined to be a fashion designer, she moved to

NYC and attended FIT. There she interned and freelanced to get better acquainted with the fashion industry.

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